Well, things are hectic over here for sure! I started school and I’m going on campus so that’s throwing me through a mental loop because I actually have to leave my apartment? lol. weird! I’m still working on my comic con entry and need to do some WIP posts of it today, been putting it off and it’s a necessity if you want to actually enter. I am but I have no hopes of being noticed, just a reason for me to create a game model which I desperately need in my portfolio.

About to do some serious searching for new freelance clients because things are slowing down and that’s never a good thing when your rent is through the roof! Also retooling my thesis into a more stylized direction so when it all adds up I think I’m gonna have some sleepless nights in the near future. Crazy times, lots of work and I hope it’s all for the best! New renders up in my gallery (I need to replace old ones)

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