Thesis 2/6/2014

Since coming to school my inspiration and guidance in art has been direct and really helpful. It’s only been 2 weeks and I’m thinking about character design differently because of my concept art teacher and my other professor bluntly said that I can do better, I can push my character designs in a more interesting direction and I totally agree! I have a long post to write up because I’m revamping my entire thesis but first, hellboy!

I’m hand painting light and such for practice and have a ton more to paint, this is after about 6 hours in photoshop. Tons more detail and blending needs to happen. Stoked with the results so far but I have a lot further I want to take this piece. His high poly looks awesome, I’ll post that below as well.


Hellboy SculptureGetting lots of great vibes from this piece and I really like it as well! Now onto my thesis.

Phase 1, realization. My first character’s silhouette is so boring, and bland and while texturing him I became more and more disheartened by his appearance. With my new found speed (Hellboy took 5 days) I can take a step back, and do this! (stink lines for emphasis)Architect_UpdateHis design is boring, his silhouette doesn’t scream… I’m a lean, mean, fighting machine. And he doesn’t look very futuristic at all. I’m pushing him, and the other characters in a new direction. Larger hands, smaller legs, large fun details and very precise details in other areas. Lots of difference in materials and a way more fun silhouette. I’ve done a ton of these and plan to do a ┬ábunch more.

quick conceptsMy timeline is going to be tight for this project, I need to confirm with my professor but I’m going to be doing 2 or 3 characters (at least 1 female) 2 or 3 large weapons and this will all be due either in December of 2014 or in April of 2015 depending on how my classes fall. (To be decided tonight I believe) That leaves about 3.5 months per character. Absolutely doable once I have concrete concepts done.




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