Thesis – 10/23/2014

During the past few weeks of my thesis work  I’ve been focusing on the third character, Sarah Carver. I’ve changed a bit of her clothing around and in general I’m just building up her character over all instead of focusing on one thing and then moving on. I’m liking this organic feel to creating her, it’s leading me to build interesting shapes that flow throughout her character.


The first shot is of a progress shot of her hair sculpt. I’m building overlapping sections and on top of it I’ll add in strands of hair to increase it’s continuity. I’ve also been slowly detailing her face and modifying it.
Sarah's Hair

This is a shot of her entire character so far, she’s still feeling bare in a few areas. over the coming weeks she’ll be flooded with small details including clothing tears, buttons… straps.. grime… things of that nature. She’s coming out well, just need to keep working on her.Carver Full Body

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