Well yesterday was the end of the most important job of my life, My long stay at Artillery games is officially over. I began there as an intern, nervous and not able to hand paint to save my life and ended up a 3D Artist who made the majority of the character art in the game. Couldn’t be more proud or asked myself to work harder, made amazing friends, connections, and proved to myself that I have what it takes to work in the industry.

Did we change the face of the gaming industry? Nope, but we stuck together as a team and produced a really well polished game with the resources we had available. Love the product, the company, and everyone involved. Now it’s time to look onward and find my next home, hopefully in the Bay Area. So stay tuned because my website is about to get smashed with new work.

Have a connection in the bay area? I’m lookin’ for full-time work! hugarue@gmail.com

First piece I polished for this slew of new work was another miniature I did for Fantasy Flight. It was included in their game Battlelore <– a link to the miniature for those interested. Loads more to do, better get to it!
Undead Dragon_1

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