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Sculpts day 11

Today I’m not feeling extremely motivated in any way. I applied to 4 jobs and contacted another recruiter, went grocery shopping and did a sculpture of a friend. I need to find some motivation somewhere! Maybe reading for a while will get the creative juices flowing.

Sculpture day 11

Sculpts day 10

Well, today is day 10 and my sculptures are unfortunately all over the place. I have freelance to do and a job search has just begun so I’ll be splitting my time between like 90 things. I am working on another sculpt but here’s one I did in about 2 hours while drinking some delicious ipa with my favorite, galaxy hops! in side of it. Sculpture day 10ZBrush sculpt day 10

Sculpts, day 9

Here are my sculpts for today, I decided to do some anatomy junk with a skull and then made a sculpture over it. Every time I learn something I feel like I have even more to learn.. it’s a weird feeling but I have to keep sculpting!

Day 9

Sculpts, day 8

Today I’m practicing some new techniques to sculpt so I’m basically just watching digital tutors and sketching along sort of and seeing how different things work. Here’s my first for today.

Sculpt Day 8Here’s my own monster I’m working on after reworking some ways that I sculpt today. I’m only at 300k polys right now and have to keep tweaking and working until I can subdivide and then go crazy with detail with these new work flows. Really excited about these changes to my sculpting. Going to be trying it on some humans tomorrow.

Monster Sculpt 2


And 2 hours later here’s the final piece for today’s experimental sculpt.
Sculpt Day 8_1